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Gambler Wheels for Accelerator Tires / BLACK / White

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DE Racing Gambler Wheels for Accelerator Tires

DE Racing is changing the game yet again, this time with an innovative front wheel and tire package for RC Drag racing.  Introducing the Accelerator tire and Gambler wheel combo for the front of any straight line speed machine.  Designed to push the limits of performance and style for the 132 crew this tire features a narrow width just like the full size cars they emulate and tip the scales at a mere 35 grams per assembled wheel, tire, and insert set. 

Go straight and grab the win with DE Racing and the Accelerator!!


  • Drag Racing specific wheel with DE Racing Gambler styling
  • Universal 12mm Hex Mount and Backspacing
  • For use with Accelerator Tires (P/N’s:  DER-ADF-C1, DER-ADF-D30, DER-ADF-D40)
  • Available in Black, White, and Silver
  • 1.9”/3.0” Glue beads
  • Includes four wheels