Drag Motor Double Down 3.0T Team Trinity

Drag Motor Double Down 3.0T Team Trinity

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Drag racing has proven to be one of the most demanding disciplines in the RC industry. With how powerful the cars are, some manufacturers are struggling to keep up with the demand of new parts and releases. Luckily for you, 

we at Team Trinity are staying at the forefront! Don't let that make you think we are rushing out products like our competitors though, with months of testing under our belts we are proud to bring the Double Down 3.0T Drag Motor to market! 

The Double Down 3.0T is an all new design special for drag racing. On each side of the stator are Gold and Black CNC endplates that not only look incredible but offer tons of space for airflow to get through. This design also allows for long, 

full length, screws that will keep the motor together even at the highest of vibrations. The all new stator uses an all new thermal epoxy to stay cool as well as strong. All this houses a rotor with special Kevlar wrapped for protection in the 

hardest of environments. The Double Down also uses our new style 90 degree solder tabs for easy soldering!  Chances are if you're not running a Double Down, you're chasing one