radio control and RC Cars as birth

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Radio control (RC) is the technique that allows the remote control of an object and wirelessly through a remote control station. Three fundamental techniques come into play in the radio control: the electronics that are responsible for transforming the given commands into radio waves in the transmitter and vice versa in the receiver, the electricity, which is in charge of providing the necessary energy to the devices, both the command ( or transmitter) as the receiver and the mechanics in charge of moving the actuators (or servos) that give the demodulated or decoded electrical signals in mechanical movement. There are all kinds of modeling vehicles controlled by radio control, the most popular being cars, planes, ships, helicopters and submarines.


the firts Rc Cars In the mid-late 1960s a British company, Mardave, based in Leicester, began to produce commercially viable RC Cars. Their first cars were nitro- or gas-powered cars sold in the local area in the early 1970s.

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